August 16-20, 2020

Revelstoke, British Columbia, Canada



5 DAYS. 100 MILES.  Memories for a lifetime.


The TranSelkirks Run is a multi-day trail running adventure which allows athletes to access and traverse wild and remote landscapes, while building camaraderie, overcoming adversity and sharing a singular adventure.

The TranSelkirks Run is based in Revelstoke, British Columbia, one of Canada's trail running Meccas.

Runners may choose to enter the race as a team of two or run solo.

New in 2020, we also have a 2-5 person relay team option where one runner runs each day.


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2020 transelkirks run CATEGORIES

Open Men, Open Women, 50+ Men, 50+ Women

Team of 2:
Open Mixed, Open Men, Open Women.

New for 2020: Relay option for 2-5 people where one person runs each day.

What’s Included?

  • Race Entry - All 3 or 5 Stages

  • Marked course through EPIC scenery

  • Aid stations & finish line stocked with water, electrolyte drink, and other treats

  • TranSelkirks Run T-Shirt

  • Finisher's Medal

  • Bib Number

  • Emergency medical Support

  • Catered evening meal at Revelation Lodge

  • Bus transportation to and from stage starts

2020 TSR RUN 3, RUN 5 & RELAY pricing:

RUN 3 $849 USD (SOLO)

RUN 5 $1199 USD (SOLO or Per Person on 2 Person Team)

RELAY $1850 USD (2 - 5 Person Relay Team)

Team MitoCanada Entries Available!

Support MitoCanada through your registration! Use your participation in TranSelkirks to raise money for MitoCanada! 50% discounted entries available for Team Mito entries! Please contact Megan MacDonald at to set up your personal fundraising page and get your discounted entry code!

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Mandatory Gear

  • Water vessel and/or hydration pack

  • Bear Spray

  • Buff or Beanie to cover your head

  • Light jacket

* We are a 100% cup free event.  You must carry a water vessel with you and refill it at the aid stations along the way.  


There are typically two checkpoints on course, and most days you will pass these more than once. Some remote checkpoints will not be fully stocked and will be limited to what can be carried in by our volunteers. The following nutrition will be available at fully stocked aid stations:  water, gels, fruit, chips, and cola. 

Athletic Therapy During the Event

Back for another year is Certified Athletic Therapist Andrea Dowd. Andrea has ten years experience working with many athletes -weekend warriors to national level (runners, football players, speed skaters, cyclists (rd and mt) etc). Her role as an Athletic Therapist is to keep the athletes going during their competitive season, whether its taping the injury, assessing and treating injuries or manual therapy treatments to keep the body injury free. Andrea also makes exercise recommendations to ensure you address the dysfunctional area. Andrea has great success in keeping the athletes participating in their sport.

The fees for a half hour assessment/treatment are $50, and $20 for taping and blister care. You can book directly through Andrea on her email, or during the race week you can call her on her cell at 587-435-5133.

“I highly recommend the services provided by Andrea. I attended TranSelkirks run 2018 and I really would not have been able to finish if not for her. I was experiencing a strange pain that forced me to walk-she applied her magic which made days 4-5 much, much better! I know she also greatly helped 3 of my friends that week. You need to sign up for a session or 2! You will be VERY glad you did.

“TRUST ME ON THIS !!! Regardless of your running level or expertise...... Andrea, the Advanced degree athletics therapist can improve your performance, minimize your discomfort, repair your injuries, increase your confidence and literally “ Fix “ your TS issues in a short and incredibly effective session (s).   She is quite simply, unique !!” -G.B.


Revelstoke Mobile Massage will be available to come to you the week of the race. To book, please email Angeline directly:



Welcome to the RUN3 at the TransSelkirks Run! 

Be our guest for 3 days of trail running through the spectacular mountains in Revelstoke!

Registration includes all your race essentials along the way, just like the 5 day event, except for 3 days only: Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.


Stage 5 Ladies.jpg

What's Included:

  • Race Entry

  • Marked race through 3 days of Epic scenery

  • On course aid stations stocked with water, electrolyte drink, fruit, chips, soda, and other treats

  • TranSelkirks Run T-Shirt

  • Finisher's Medal Bib Number

  • Medical Support

  • Catered evening meal at Revelation Lodge

  • Bus transportation to and from race starts